Saturday, June 28, 2008

Education & Women In India

A proposal is being put forward by India's President Pratibha Patil for an all-girls' "engineering and technology-orientated insititute" and to increase the number of positions available in the current Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

This is not the first time the suggestion has been put forward - however, nothing came of the previous suggestion.

It is claimed that Patil is "concerned about fewer girl students making it to the IITs" and has undertaken to take this matter up personally with India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and HRD Minister Arjun Singh.

A problem may arise with what could be perceived as reverse gender discrimination. However, as there are currently many single-sex educational facilities world-wide, this should not be an obstacle in the path of opening up education or increasing the access to educational facilities for women.

You can read the full story at India's "Economic Times"

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