Saturday, February 23, 2008

Review - The Poisoned Queen

But to give the Ann Dukthas' novel its full title: "In the Time of ..... The Poisoned Queen: A Nicholas Segalla Time Travel Mystery".

"The Poisoned Queen" in question is Mary Tudor - Queen Mary I of England, or as many know her, "Bloody" Mary. Events are centered around the final months in the life of this Queen - she is very ill and the Pope is concerned. Enter Nicholas Segalla to delve into political and court intrigue to discover just who would wish to harm the Queen of England. And the list of suspects is quite long!

The story begins rather curiously - enter the author, Ann Dukthas, a character in her own novel, as she meets with the mysterious Nicholas Segalla - a man whose antecedants are questionable. And so Nicholas recounts to Ann the events surrounding Mary's last months. We are then returned to "modern" times, where Nicholas ties all the events together - with references to all the relevant documentation that can still be found today.

I am, personally, not a great fan of Tudor fiction - but did enjoy this rather interesting approach. Yes, initially, I thought more HG Wells and science fiction than historical fiction - but don't be put off. You will find yourself drawn into the mystery as the suspects, and the body count rises!

There are three other books: "The Prince Lost to Time"; "A Time for the Death of a King"; and "The Time of Murder at Mayerling". All are novels based on true events in history - events, however, shrouded in enough mystery and intrigue that there are many possible, and plausible reasons for many possible, and equally plausible outcomes. I have yet to read these other titles, but shall look for them. I hope that you do!

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