Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Medieval Nicknames

The following is a list of nicknames of some of our medieval women:

Queen Mary I of England:

  • Bloody" Mary

Empress Matilda:

  • Maud
  • Lady of the English

Isabella of France, Queen of England:

  • "The Fair"
  • "She-Wolf"

Maria II of Portugal:

  • the "Good Mother"

Joanna / Juana of Castile

  • The Mad (la loca)

Queen Elizabeth I of England:

  • Good Queen Bess
  • The Virgin Queen
  • Glorianna

Lady Jane Grey:

  • The Nine Day Queen

Agnes of Dunbar, 4th Countess of Moray:

  • "Black" Agnes
Anne Boleyn:

  • Anne of a Thousand Days
  • Nan Bullen
  • Concubine

Anne of Cleves:

  • Flanders Mare

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